Debra Aronson, Retiree

It’s true that Chris is a hyper knowledgeable coach and teacher. I wanted more barbell work than my previous gym and I got it; both Olympic lifting and Powerlifting. I wanted a more personalized and respectful gym than CrossFit. Chris and Jen proved I could have it all.

Erica Baartman, Civil Engineer

"I'm coming up on my 2 year anniversary and my PRs in power and Olympic lifting are blowing me away. Also, trying on bathing suits the other week was a surprisingly good experience 😅 Gainz!"

Shane Forbes, Youth Sport Coach

"Whether you are a seasoned lifter or new to the sport of strength training, this gym has everything you need to be successful and meet your health and fitness goals."

Erin Kemp, Strength Coach

"Lift heavy, harder, more often and the results will come"—I fell prey to this like most.  ...Rest is not the enemy.  General trainers/PE teachers/leaders are not teaching this. ...To say that your pointing this out to me has been a positive is an understatement.  My training has catapulted since!"

Sophia Nguyen, Yoga Instructor

"Shout out to Sailor Jack's for working their magic on my sore body today!  What a pleasure it is to work with people who not only hold space for their clients but are very knowledgeable as well."

Jenna Wozer, Administrative Assistant

"In the last year I've finally got to a point where I can look in the mirror and be happy and confident with my body.  ...Thank you goes out to Sailor Jack's for helping me reach my goals and being one of the most inspirational people I know. 

4.9 / 5






individually crafted, holistic, health solutions that compliment your active & busy lifestyle.

Acupuncture • Massage • Cupping • Strength & Performance Training

Get ahead of the game with unparalleled clinical support .

drop anchor ...anywhere

Lead that #anchored Lifestyle!

the best damn warm-up

('ll likely never do)

Our warm-up is your workout!  

This has been the mantra of our Warm-Up since it's inception nearly 3 decades ago!  Every year since has been about refining this process further-and-further with one single mission objective in mind: LONGEVITY!


This is our baseline Training Evolution.  It's the perfect blend of power and cardio conditioning.  It'll give ya a solid base for all future training and will be a great tool to use, from time-to-time, to check-in on your general physical conditioning.  Hit this program one-time and you'll know exactly which energy systems you need to improve.


This program'll get'cha grabbin' life by the lemons again and squeezin' until you get some sweet, sweet 
muthatruckin' lemonade!  

Just because you punch a clock now doesn''t mean you can't still punch life in the face!

This program strikes a perfect balance between life, work and training.

experience the difference between working out & training.

No matter what activity you choose to participate in, we've gotcha covered with comprehensive training that keeps you: in-the-game and prepared to perform at your peak!

Strength • Performance • lifestyle 

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