- Our Story -

- Is Sailor Jack a real person? -

Short Answer:  Yes.  Jack was Christopher, the Owner's, Grandfather.  A dedicated family man - son, brother, husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.  Quick with a quip, loved scotch, loved CBC Saturday Night Hockey and Sunday NFL Football - any excuse to spend time with his family and the people he loved most.

He was also a World War II Veteran.  He served in the Canadian Forces during World War II - Navy, on the HMCS Uganda, known most notably for having transported Winston Churchill and his staff to Washington in 1943 and acting, on more than one occasion, as an escort for various naval convoys - the biggest being the attachment to the 15th Cruiser Squadron of the Mediterranean Fleet on 10 July 1943, whose mission it was to aid in the allied invasion of Sicily (1).  The facility was opened in part to commemorate his service and, in equal part, to become his legacy - a living epitaph as it were.

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."
- Pericles

- What Is Sailor Jacks Performance Centre? -

Since it's inception, in December 2014, Sailor Jack's has rapidly grown into a thriving community for sports rehabilitation, strength, athletic performance and lifestyle enthusiasts alike!

Every inch of our facility is dedicated to providing solutions to your fitness problems and delivering to you, the unique training experience and level of client service you need.  No wasted space.  No unnecessary equipment.  No "fluff"!

Whether you choose to use our clinic and treatment services, participate in the gym and our training - think CrossFit™ smashed together with Powerlifting, or you play a traditional North American sport such as: soccer, hockey, football, baseball, basketball and volleyball - and need sport specific training of you're a lifestyle sports enthusiast: golf, obstacle course racing or triathlon and need support and help training for those events - we, at Sailor Jacks will strive to consistently deliver the best training experience possible and the curriculum you need to achieve your potential and goals!

- Our Philosophy -

1) Prevent Injury.

2) Get you stronger.

3) Deliver Results.

- Our Vision -

1) To provide the best facility and atmosphere for strength, performance and lifestyle training in the world.

2) To establish a strong community of likeminded individuals who aren't afraid to put in the hard miles, the early mornings and the late nights; a community of individuals who are respected for their tireless work ethic and bonded by their enthusiasm for the crucible of training.

- Membership -

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