What is the Sailor Jack's Barbell Garage difference in relation to therapeutic treatment?

The difference, we'd like to believe, comes down to two distinct attributes: synergy & utility.  As clinicians, we strive to create a safe, cooperative space where our patients can feel empowered to become active participants on their unique journey toward recovery and a return to optimal, harmonious function.  This is synergy; a patient and a practitioner working together, in concert with one another, to achieve an optimal desired outcome.  Our utility lies in the fact that we employ a multi-modal approach, through a single practitioner, that combines: acupuncture, massage, cupping, scraping, infrared light therapy, electro-muscular stimulation, kinesio-taping and strength and performance coaching—sometimes all in one session!  This means no lost time commuting from one practitioner to the next or in coordinating treatment protocols between practitioners—which all boils down to a best-in-class service experience for you, our patient.

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Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and the focal component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in which, thin needles are inserted into strategic points in the body, along pathways known as meridians, with the aim of providing therapeutic relief from both: acute and chronic conditions alike.   TCM theory teaches that health, is the result of striking a balance within—and between—the various systems of the body and its meridians.  When the body, its systems and meridians are in balance there is harmony and vitality.  

Rooted in a tradition of agro-industrial development acupuncture is, as a practice, as much practical as it is philosophical.  In studying the history of TCM—and understanding its origins—it can be seen clearly how parallels between the natural world that surrounds us and the world that likewise exists within us were explored and found to be universally and fundamentally entwined—and infinitely and intimately connected.

For a complete list of ailments that Acupuncture can provide relief for: click HERE.

What is TuiNa | Massage?

TuiNa (pronounced Twee Nah), Meridian Massage, is a treatment modality rooted in the rich 2000 year old history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TuiNa is not solely performed for relaxation purposes but, rather, through the filter of TCM differentiation diagnostics, used to help resolve acute or chronic underlying pathologies alike, using acupuncture meridians to restore functionality and energy to the body as an integrative whole.  

When used in conjunction with a regular mobility protocol; massage, is an excellent support for the body's lymphatic system, which is responsible for the removal of—and relief from—lactic acid accumulation, one of the substances that contribute to muscle cramping during training sessions and general muscle soreness between training sessions.

When the removal of lactic acid—and subsequent muscle–relief—at the local level is coupled with the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system—pause, rest, digest—the therapeutic effect is even better.  Truly, the highest form of praise to be received from a patient, aside from the referral of a family member or friend, is when you feel safe and comfortable enough to fall asleep on the table during a treatment.

What is Gua sha?

Gua Sha therapy (pronounced Gw'ah Shaw), is a deep tissue therapeutic modality used to promote smooth blood and Qi flow through the vessels—the acupuncture meridians—of the body.  In restoring unrestricted flow of blood and Qi to the tissues, normative function is likewise restored to the working body.  Nowhere is the adage: motion is lotion and movement is medicine more applicable than in the practice of Gua Sha. 

Western Medicine has recently adopted similar practices—absent the knowledge, relevance to and application toward the meridians of the body—through therapeutic modalities such as: Graston Technique and Instrument Assisted Soft  Tissue Mobilization.

To the uninitiated, at a superficial first glance, though these techniques may appear similar, nothing could be further from the truth.  Western adopters are primarily concerned with the superficial function of the muscle whereas Eastern practitioners use the level and acuity of the associative dysfunction within the tissue to infer a possible link to an internal pathogenic influence—subsequent treatment plans take into consideration the nature and extent of this delicate relationship between the internal and external environments of ones self and ones surroundings.  

What is Cupping?

Cupping therapy is a superficial modality used to help soothe and treat the fascial tissue of the body. Fascial tissue is what encases the muscles and helps to hold them in place while simultaneously providing critical kinestheic and proprioceptive feedback to the brain about our body's location in space and time in respect to our external environment. As is the case with Tui Na, cupping also uses acupuncture meridians to provide relief from aches and pain in the body, restore dysfunctional tissue to full function, increase energy and expedite your return to normal activity. *Please Note: Cupping treatment at Sailor Jacks is different then most widely used methods of cupping available through other clinics. Whereas other clinics will use air exhaustive cups to create suction we employ fire to evacuate the air from our cups. The use of fire provides a more complete and even seal and, according to principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energy from the fire provides vital nutritive Qi (pronounced chee) - critical life force energies, to the body, thereby aiding in increasing the overall healing effect provided by the cups.


Initial Intake Assessment 
(90 minutes: 45 minute intake + 45 minute treatment) :  $185.00
1HR Treatment:  $110.00
90 minute Treatment:  $150.00
2Hr Treatment:  $220.00
24/7 Emergency Care:  $220.00
+ expenses & travel time
Distance / Travel Therapy:  $110.00/hr
+ expenses & travel time
Late Cancellation Fee:  $25.00 (>24hr notice)

***Treatment CAN include any—or one—of the following:  Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

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