- Our Values -

Service -  Be of service to yourself first.  You came in to the gym looking for an experience that was vastly different from any other training experience offered in a conventional commercial gym or CrossFit™ box for that matter.

How we, as a community, do what we do is what sets us apart.

And, what we do, is, make being of service the focal point of our values.  When we say, to be of service to yourself first, we mean be present during your training devoid of distraction.  Use this physical training as a conduit to connect with your body, mind, emotions and higher spiritual being.

Once you're all squared away with your own training, look to help others.   Look to help load their bar, unload their bar - be of service, ENGAGE with your community.  This is how you become a leader, by what you do for others.

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments but what is woven into the lives of others."
- Pericles

Respect - The greatest respect you will ever possess; is self-respect.  Honour your commitment to your training by showing up to your scheduled appointment on time and ready.  Then, that baseline of respect for the inherently finite reality of time can extend outward to the Coaches.

Being on time demonstrates the gravity with which you approach your own training and by extension demonstrates to the Coaches and other community members that you appreciate and recognize that: they too, have other obligations, demands and commitments that they have to fulfill in addition to their time at the gym.

Secondly, in respect to your conduct:  respect the equipment, Coaches and other members - be cognizant of how you operate within the space itself - this extends to the washroom as well.  Be aware of what's going on around you at all times and work with the natural flow of the environment.  Be courteous.

Ownership - while the Coaches are here to support, encourage and nurture your development through your journey in strength, ultimately, the results you get and, conversely, those you don't are both in equal part, yours.  Own the process!

We see you at minimum 2x per week at maximum 6x - and only for an hour at that - which means the heavy lifting, pun intended, actually happens outside of the gym, with the decisions you make during these times.  Decisions surrounding: SLEEP, HYDRATION, NUTRITION and PREHAB / SELF-CARE.

Take ownership over your decisions, be willing to be more for yourself than just a participant in your own life - be your own greatest Champion - to quote Joe Rogan: "...be the hero of your own story".

Discipline - taking ownership over your decisions on a such a finite scale requires constant discipline.  Which means doing mundane, repetitive things and facing the potential of "failure" over and over again but, doing so, with great enthusiasm, regardless of outcome, absent of emotion.

Hard Work - cultivating discipline is hard work, as are the training evolutions and nutritional practices we employ,  persistence makes the work more tolerable, not easier.  With time, consistent effort and a willingness to endure the hard work, you will earn your strength and all the benefits that come along with it.

Open Communication - we, the Coaching staff, are here to support, encourage and nurture your development through your journey in strength.  To this end, we only ever aim to help you improve.  If what we do or say does not align with this philosophy, please communicate to any one of us what you need in order to feel like you're getting the experience you came to us seeking.

Our aim is to insure that all members alike feel that this facility is a safe space.  A space where opportunities to learn and grow abound and there is no such thing as 'failure' or 'looking stupid'.  Everyone is here to learn.  Everyone is here to grow.  Everyone is here to progress.  And we are all here, together to cheer one another along, along-the-way.

Freedom - It is our contention that, each day you set foot in the facility to train, is an opportunity to put into practice the embodiment of the values above.  The greater the consistency with which you can embody the above values, the greater the likelihood is, that you will be able to experience true freedom - that is freedom physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and, to be able to experience that form of freedom, is what gives the suffering you endure in training its purpose.