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Our warm-up is your workout!

This has been the mantra of our Warm-Up since it's inception nearly 3 decades ago! Every year since has been about refining this process further-and-further with one single mission objective in mind: LONGEVITY!


This is our baseline Training Evolution. It's the perfect blend of power and cardio conditioning. It'll give ya a solid base for all future training and will be a great tool to use, from time-to-time, to check-in on your general physical conditioning. Hit this program one-time and you'll know exactly which energy systems you need to improve.


This program'll get'cha grabbin' life by the lemons again and squeezin' until you get some sweet, sweet
muthatruckin' lemonade!

Just because you punch a clock now doesn''t mean you can't still punch life in the face!

This program strikes a perfect balance between life, work and training.

4.9 / 5






Our Values

Service - Be of service to yourself—first. You came in, to this gym, looking for an experience that was vastly different from any other training experience offered in a conventional commercial gym or CrossFit™ box. How we, as a community, do what we do is what sets us apart.  There are standards and being of service to yourself and the Sailor Jack's Barbell Garage community, at-large, is the focal point of our values.  To be of service to yourself first, demands that you are present—mind, body and soul—during the performance of your Training Evolution devoid of any distraction.  This physical training is intended to be a conduit to connect with your body, mind, emotions and higher spiritual being.  Once you're all squared away with your own training and you're in-tune with the rhythm of your work—look to help others.  Look to help others load their bar, unload their bar, cheer them on - be of service, ENGAGE with your community.  REFUSE TO BE A PASSENGER!  Find a gap and fill it.  This is how you become a leader; by doing for others.

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments but what is woven into the lives of others." – Pericles
"...people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." – Maya Angelou

Respect - The greatest respect you will ever possess; is self-respect. Honour your commitment to your training by showing up for your Training Evolution on-time and ready to train.  Then, take that fundamental respect and compound it with interest, by extending that same courtesy to the Coach and the additional demands for their time.  Being on time demonstrates the gravity with which you approach your own training and, by extension, demonstrates to the Coaches—and other community members—that you appreciate and recognize that they too, have other demands for their time, in addition to the scheduled time for the given Training Evolution.  

Secondly; respect: the equipment, Coaches and other members—be cognizant of how you operate within the garage-gym space—this extends to the washroom as well; leave it better then how you found it.  Always be aware of what's going on around you at all times and work with the natural flow of the environment and NEVER walk directly in front of, or behind, an active lifter

Be courteous. 

Ownership - While the Coaches are here to support, encourage and nurture your development through your journey in strength and performance; ultimately, the results you get—and those you don't are both, in equal part, yours.  OWN YOUR PROCESS!  Keep in mind that we see you a minimum of 2x per week and a maximum of 6x—and only for an hour at that—which means the majority of heavy lifting (pun intended) actually happens outside of the gym, with the decisions you make during the other 162-166 hours of the week.  Those decisions made surrounding: SLEEP, HYDRATION, NUTRITION and SELF-CARE between Training Evolutions are where the real progress happens.  As the saying goes: "abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym."  Take ownership over your decisions and be willing to be more than a passive participant in your own life—to quote Joe Rogan: " the hero; be the hero of your own story.” 

Discipline - Taking daily ownership over your decisions surrounding training (and beyond) requires a steadfast level of discipline.  Which, simply put, means doing ordinary things consistently, with extraordinary effort.  All the while, facing the potential of "failure" and ultimately, failure itself, with great enthusiasm, regardless of outcome, absent of emotion.  As Winston Churchill famously stated: ..."success is the ability to go from one failure to–to another with no loss of enthusiasm"  and that, requires discipline.

Hard Work - Cultivating discipline, truly nurturing it, means hard work.  The Training Evolutions and nutritional protocols we employ, are merely forms of hard work that will ultimately serve to accomplish this end.  Persistence, resilience and resolve sure make the work more tolerable but certainly not any easier.  With time, your consistent efforts to endure the hard work, will earn you your strength and all the benefits that come along with it.  It's true, things don't get any easier however you will be confronted time–and–again with the opportunity to choose to get stronger thorough our practice.  

Open Communication - we, the Coaching staff, are here to support, encourage and nurture your development through your journey in strength. To this end, we only ever aim to help you improve.  If what we do or say conflicts with this philosophy, please communicate—to any one of us—what you need in order to feel supported and that you are getting the experience you came to us seeking.  Our mission is to insure that all members feel and believe that this facility is a safe space.  A space where opportunities to learn and grow abound and there is no such thing as 'failure' or 'looking stupid'.  Everyone is here to learn.   Everyone is here to grow.  Everyone is here to progress.  We are all here, together, to cheer for one another along-the-way. 

Freedom - It is our contention that; through the daily practice of the Training Evolutions, within our garage-gym space, you will innately learn to embody the spirit of the aforementioned values.  The more you can align your self with the spirit of the above values—and, subsequently craft your own— the greater the likelihood is, that you will be able to experience true freedom—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually from the  surrounding world.

Our Code Of Conduct

1) Train, Do Not Workout.

There is a clear and visible difference between training and "working out".  Training speaks directly to the intentions behind purpose for movement.  It is to move toward an objective with a singular focus and razor-sharp mindset.  Nothing exists outside of a Training Evolution, except for the demands the task at hand, whatever they may be.  Training, is to be completely and utterly engrossed by what it is that you are doing—to extent that you are pursuing it—with all that you are capable of doing and all that you are capable of pulling out from within you at that given moment.  Your actions and the effort that you put forth toward the achievement of your objective(s) through your actions, speak at a greater volume than your words ever could. YOU alone, have the power to choose WHO it is EXACTLY that you want to become through what you choose do and the effort you put into that action.


Use the resistance bands before lifting to push into corners of your range of motion as well as the lacrosse ball, foam rollers and stick.  Keep in mind however, that the biggest window that you have as an athlete to affect the suppleness of your soft tissue and make marketed improvements to chronically stuck and generally "fucked up", non-functional tissue is 3 hours—YES, 3 hours—AFTER your Training Evolution has concluded. This means, at home, before going to bed, you should be spending 3-5 minutes, minimum, of focused mobility work: foam rolling, flossing or compression wrapping and banded stretching, on those chronic areas that we, the Strength Coaches, are consistently encouraging you to address in each Training Evolution.  The effort you put into your mobility practice—outside of the gym—does not stop there.  If, when and where, needed; we encourage you to seek out and include the services of other Clinical Practitioners such as: a Chiropractor, a Nutritionist or Registered Dietician, Osteopath, Psychologist, Sport Psychologist, Hypnotherapist or Physiotherapist.  Essentially, whatever means you feel you need to support you in your journey toward becoming the best version of who it is you aspire to be, we are here to support you and, when needed, we can likely refer you to a competent practitioner in any of the aforementioned fields.

3) Treat #2 as if it were #1. 

This should inform you as to how important and integral we believe mobility—and holistic health—practices to be in regard to your training and the attainment of your goals. 

4) If the lift is ballistic, drop it!

This note is directed more so toward our Olympic Weightlifters and, on occasion, our Deadlifters.  However, from an educational and safety standpoint we would like to elaborate.  As an athlete, you are at the greatest risk for injury during the eccentric phase of a lift, that is the lowering of the weight.  Suffice-to-say that, if you do not feel confident with a particular exercise or have pre-existing limitations (which can change on a daily basis) please notify the Strength Coach that you are working with immediately.  Giving the Coaches specific feedback on your limitations, pertinent to the Training Evolution that day, will provide us with an opportunity to teach you how to: bail on a lift (avoiding injury) or suggest an appropriate modification—be it a regression or progression—to adequately challenge you.

5) Break Your Last PR!

This particular stipulation in our Code of Conduct brings us back to the top of this message: "Train. Do Not Workout!"  Breaking PR's—Personal Records—is demonstrative of the daily action you take en route to measurable results and progress—which is your objective.  Your attention, intention and energies should be solely focused on your best possible efforts and outcome for the Training Evolution.  The warm-up protocol exists to help you move your body and, more importantly, your mind from the demands and rigours of what goes on in your daily life to what you are about to do here, with the Training Evolution. 

Choose to BE PRESENT. 




THE TRAINING EVOLUTION DEMANDS YOUR FULL ATTENTION.  Whatever you do, while in the gym (especially), should directly contribute to hitting a PR that day, it's just that simple.  Any action to the contrary will not be tolerated.  Believe us, having the self-discipline, self-respect and strength to shelf distraction and selfishly focus on your own training for 60 minutes a day does a lot more for you than simply strengthening your body.  In the spirit of the philosophy of pushing the envelope, each training evolution is designed to stretch you and challenge you to grow i) physiologically, ii) psychologically, iii) emotionally and iv) spiritually.  By continuing to expose yourself to uncompromising training standards in the gym, standards that force you to demand more from yourself, you will see the dividends paid out in life as well.  Do not hide from the hard training.  Invite hard training.  Hard training forces you grow stronger physically and mentally—which ultimately weave into the very fabric and content of the character of who you are as a person. 

6) Replace Your Weights.

When we load or unload the bar for you, pick up a yoga mat or hand you a foam roller - it is a courtesy, not an obligation.  It is YOUR responsibility to load, unload and replace the equipment when used.  Have a sense of accountability toward the maintenance of our equipment.  Please insure that you are using a beach towel on the the benches and yoga mats and that you are wiping them down after each usage with the Lysol wipes or spray bottles provided.  Increased wear and tear only leads to increased costs for all.  Please bare this consideration in mind in regard to how you choose to handle or mishandle the equipment—this also extends to the amenities provided in the washroom. 

7) Respect: Each Other, The Garage, And The Equipment.

To expand on this further:  Please be properly attired: hair-tie or headband, t-shirt or t-shirts if you perspire a lot, shorts, yoga pants, track pants, shoes, weight belt, gloves, knee sleeves or wraps, wrist wraps, wrist guards, a singlet, a mouthguard and a towel are all fundamental pieces of equipment that you are responsible for having with you to insure that you are adequately prepared for each Training Evolution.  If you are missing any of these pieces of equipment, let us know and we can help gear you up and insure you are properly outfitted.

Personal belongings:
Please insure that your belongings are stored neatly in the designated area, in a gym bag, off the gym floor and out of the way.  As we continue to grow in membership, we will adjust the area as we see fit.  Further, in regard to the storage of your belongings, please remember to remove your belongings upon departure, after every Training Evolution.  Overnight storage of belongings will not be permitted and any belongings left behind will be thrown out or repurposed at our sole discretion. 

Outdoor Shoes
Please insure that you carry an additional pair of shoes with you. Outdoor shoes will not be permitted past the entry.

Pseudo-Coaching | Peanut Gallery | & Wanna-be's:
Let the Strength & Performance Coaches coach.  ONE COACH, ONE VOICE.  Of course, in the spirit of community, we encourage you to cheer each other on however, we'd ask that you do keep in mind the covenant that exists between athlete and Coach and to respect that covenant by keeping commentary, critiques and opinions of other athletes and their "form" to yourself as you may not have the complete picture of what's going on with a particular athlete ...i.e. injury history, learning disability, or other factors that may impact physical performance.  Be kind.  Be courteous.  Be enthusiastic.  Be Cool.  


We are completely kid friendly and welcome your little one's with open arms. We have been really fortunate historically to have exceptional kids come hang out at Sailor Jack's Barbell Garage while Mom or Dad train. However, where behaviour is observed to be distracting, interferes with training evolutions or is generally found to be unsafe we would ask Mom or Dad to take a beat and tend to their little one out of the way of the rest of the class and return to their training when the situation is resolved. 

As a matter of principle, please schedule all Training Evolutions for the week by Sunday at 12pm.  In respect to cancelling Training Evolutions, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice.  Doing so demonstrates respect for your Coaches time and the other athletes.  In circumstances where you are running late please, when possible—and in accordance with scheduling procedures—bump to the next available 1/2 hour or hour time slot; or seek to reschedule for another day.  Do not come in late apologizing, this interrupts the flow of movement and energy in the facility.   Instead, swiftly and quietly, get prepped and join in with the group where they are at in the Training Evolution.  Time lost is time lost.  Sessions will start promptly on the 30 minute and hour mark respectively.  Although we can certainly appreciate the spontaneity that life has inherent to it—and emergency circumstances: Mother Nature, traffic, trains and such—time is the one commodity that is non-refundable and, as such, is priceless—do not arbitrarily waste ours.

8) This is a Private Facility.

We, the Ownership and Management Team, reserve the sole right to revoke the privilege of membership at any time, for any reason.  Whether specifically stated in the aforementioned Code Of Conduct or otherwise, without written notification thereof, or consent to, on behalf of the Member. Your adherence to—and compliance with—the Code of Conduct simply ensures the best possible experience for everyone.  It is in the spirit of that agreement, that we thank you for your every effort to make our community, at Sailor Jack's, what it is.  Remember, you set the tone for all those who follow.  What Sailor Jack's is to become falls entirely within the wake of the example you set through your actions.  Taking ownership over your actions is making the conscious decision to take ownership over what this brand stands for and we thank you for your efforts to rep the anchor well. 

Respectfully; Yours In Health, Strength & Service, 

Your Team of Strength & Performance Coaches at Sailor Jack's Barbell Garage


Small Group Training | 6:1 [Athlete:Coach]

Monday–Friday: 05:30am – 06:30am
& Saturdays: 09:00am. 

Our curriculum:
Sunday: REST
Monday:  Max Effort Lower Body.
Tuesday:  Restorative Efforts | Repetitive Efforts | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Wednesday:  Max Effort Upper Body.
Thursday:  Restorative Efforts | Repetitive Efforts | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Friday:  Dynamic Effort Lower Body.
Saturday:  Dynamic Effort Upper Body.

Training in this fashion facilitates the best adaptations–PERIOD.  Every energy system is strategically targeted, stressed and developed with the sole focus of delivering, to you, the best results in the briefest timeframe possible.

Tuition: $60/week +tax

Personal Training | 1:1 [Athlete:Coach]

A completely bespoke experience from start to finish.  An individualized, custom-crafted and meticulously delivered level of programming that caters specifically to your personal training objectives.

*Scheduling will depend on mutual availability.

A minimum commitment to 48 sessions—the equivalent of 4 sessions per week over 12 weeks—is expected.  Anything less, will not be considered.  That said, once invested in the 48 sessions, you may take up to a maximum of 16 weeks to use these sessions.  Those sessions not redeemed outright—or used within two weeks of their original due—will be forfeit.  Training sessions can be used interchangeably for Therapeutic Treatment.

Tuition: $7,200.00 +tax
(*financing options are available.)

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