Do Not Go Gentle…


“Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

– Dylan Thomas


Although this poem, by Dylan Thomas — and the tattoo of our protagonist, Beck – played by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the photo — is a metaphoric allusion to the fight against the clutches of death and a coming to grips with the fragility, nature and extent of our own humanity, I recently was inspired to think of this work in a different light.

In staring down the proverbial barrel of the eventuality of becoming a father first and foremost and, secondly, coming to the realization that my clients had never really seen me in my peak physical condition; I became painfully aware of the importance of not resting on the accomplishments of yesterday.

Which, to me, has now become the embodiment of of the ideology of ‘raging against the dying of the light‘ per Mr. Thomas’ poem.  Never settling on the accomplishments of yesterday.  Especially when that pain is only further exacerbated by the potential of being referred to as a ‘has-been’.  To some, being labelled as a has-been is okay; it’s certainly better than the alternative of being labelled as a ‘never-was‘.

Bulls*t…F*ck that noise!

I refuse to accept complacency in my life and of myself.  I’d rather be that old man in a young mans game that people are to be leery of.  That old lion on the hill with a few too many battle scars that everyone is just a little bit more than frightened of.  The person that is wrought with the stench of an impending death and being okay with reeking of effort, sweat, blood, tears and dreams fought for and long since past.

Like a good book — well read — whose pages have been earmarked, coffee-stained and have inherent to them, an overwhelming volume of sensory output, that is rich and all engrossing, instantly captivating and bulging with a tangible truth, a truth of wisdom accrued through various crucibles in the amassing of what will one day add up to a lifetime of experiences of having never rested on the victories of battles long since past.

head down …eyes forward; #rambleon !

Weight: 328.4lbs
BF%: 28.3%
LMM: 235.5lbs
FFM: 92.9lbs
RHR: 59bpm
BP: 138/75mmHg

Physiological Self:  Sleep: 8.5/10  Hydration: 9/10  Nutrition: 9/10  Recovery: 10/10  Training: 9/10
Psychological Self:  10/10
Emotional Self:  10/10
Spiritual Self:  10/10
Sexual Self: N.O.Y.G.D.B
Fiscal Self: 2/3
Total: 77.5/83 • (93%)

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Training Evolutions:

*30min mobility protocol & 10min core training evolution

Durability Evol (1)
Speed Golf” AMRAP60