- Personal Training -

An exclusive, completely customizable and comprehensive service that puts the truly 'personal' quality back into personal training.  Our mission is to consistently exceed your expectations at every turn - to go over and above when it comes to: professionalism, service and the delivery of results.  Regardless of where you currently find yourself on your fitness journey we are here to guide, support and challenge you through the steps necessary to get you to where you want to be.

Each personal training session lasts between 60 - 90 minutes.  The variance in time is largely dependant on you.  Some days it may take a little longer to warm-up than others and some days we may need to spend more time on restorative efforts such as foam rolling, massage, soft tissue manipulation, traction and movement preparation.

Although there is a larger scale training plan in place to guide the overall direction toward your goals there is inherent flexibility within the plan to accommodate moderations, should they be necessary, from one workout to the next, one week to the next, one training cycle to the next.

The entire process starts with a comprehensive assessment that includes:

-  A discussion about your training objectives.
-  Medical History
-  Lifestyle
-  Anthropometric Measurements.
-  Body Composition Testing.
-  A static postural assessment.
-  A movement screen.
-  A gait analysis.
- Baseline fitness testing.

From this point we are better able to outline a specific plan and timeline to achieve your desired results.  The assessment fee is $185.00, the same as a single 60 - 90 minute session.  Should you decide to move forward with training  at Sailor Jacks Performance Centre the initial assessment fee will be allocated toward the balance of your training package.

To schedule your comprehensive assessment, click any of the links below.

L1 Coach
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L3 Coach

36 - 47 Sessions

12 Sessions

$80 / session
$70 / session
$60 / session

48 - 71 Sessions

36 Sessions

$75 / session
$65 / session
$55 / session

72 - 144+ Sessions

72 Sessions

$70 / session
$60 / session
$50 / session

*Payment Plans are available.  Please inquire at the facility for further details.
** Limited spaces are available.