Are we the right fit for you? [continue reading below to find out...]


If you're here, on this page, then it's fair to assume that, you're looking for help with: your fitness, your nutrition, recovery, improvement in a particular or sport or to get in better shape - in essence, your here to find resources to improve your health.  Great!  However, there's some quintessential information that you should know about us and how we choose to provide our service first...

We, are a selective facility not an exclusive one.  To first gain admission, Our Values and Code of Conduct should resonate with you.  Provided Our Values and Code of Conduct are in alignment with your own values and the experience you seek from a training facility, you will then apply for membership through one of three channels:

•  (1) Schedule an intake assessment.  By clicking JOIN NOW, to the right, you will be redirected our Contact Us Page.  Using the Contact Form provided you will set up a date and time for your intake assessment, which is an investment of: $185.00.  Participation in the assessment DOES NOT guarantee admission to either the facility or the program that you may desire to participate in.

The assessment is a diagnostic process that will provide us the best possible opportunity, based on the breadth of our professional experience, to give you specific feedback as to the best starting point for your respective journey - whether that starting point is through our Therapy Clinic, Personal Training or Small Group Training services - we have a duty of care to insure that you have the best possible customer experience with us; which may even include: recommending you to another facility, Performance Coach, Therapist or Clinician.  Again, it comes down to doing right by you and respecting your journey.

•  (2)  You are referred by an existing member.  On this pathway into the facility you will usually accompany your friend to class for a complimentary training evolution where you will get to meet the coaches and learn more about our philosophy and approach to teaching our curriculum and how we apply that to you, the individual and where exactly you are along your journey in health and, more over, the direction that you want to go.

•  (3)  You are invited.  This pathway speaks for itself.  You will have crossed paths with, at some point, either through a Powerlifting Meet, CrossFit Competition or other competitive venue, either one of our Owners or Coaches.  You will have made an impression upon our Owners or Coaches that would lead them to believe you are a good fit for our facility.  Once you're on our radar, Our Coaches will have been watching you for several months prior to extending an invitation to undergo our intake assessment and 90 day indoctrination program.

By the time you have undergone our intake assessment process after having gone through any of the three (3) pathways above, we are confident in saying that you will undoubtedly already have experienced a difference in customer service level from our process to that of other facilities you may have been at previously.

From this point we will make our recommendation for your candidacy for membership, be it to start with: Therapeutic Services at our Clinic, Personal Training or Small Group Training.  From that recommendation you will then choose an option for training frequency that best suits both: the demands of your schedule and your budget.

We want to provide you with an opportunity to custom design your training experience from the ground up - with absolute integrity and respect for the longevity with which we aspire to cultivate our client experience with you.  Think of the entire process as being specifically designed to mitigate risk and enhance your return on investment - in time, energy, effort and finance.

How Much Are Our Services?

Elevator Pitch: The cost of our training services range from: $13.85 / Small Group Class (minimum wage in BC /Class) to $80.00 / training evolution for a Level 3 Strength and Performance Coach.  More important to appreciate at this point than cost is value.  If you do not value the experience, the cost is irrelevant.  Please take the time to fill out our Contact Form, in its entirety to help us better serve you and facilitate the experience you need!

What time are classes?  How do I access the facility?
Where are you located?

Small Group Classes run:
Monday - Friday: 05:00am - 11:00am | 04:00pm - 07:00pm.
Saturdays: 06:00am - 02:00pm.

Personal Training: scheduling personal training evolutions will be done on an individual basis in conjunction with your specific Strength & Performance Coach.

Generally speaking, we are located in the Lower Mainland, somewhere in Surrey.  We are intentionally ambiguous to avoid negatively affecting the training experience for our current clientele.  Again, if you have further questions, please use the Contact form provided in FULL.

If you are in town visiting and would like to experience the atmosphere, training environment and a training evolution at Sailor Jacks, please know that you must satisfy any ONE (1) of the following criterion first:

-  minimum of 2 years of Crossfit experience.
-  familiarity with the Conjugate System, if you are a Powerlifter or Weightlifter.
-  a willingness to follow our training evolution on the day you visit.
-  previous participation in an individual or team sport.