Let your effort light the way


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

– Plato


This mornings work in the facility has left me easily inspired to write this latest entry in our training blog.  3 different training evolutions for 3 different athletes going down simultaneously — and boy; did they all rise to meet the challenge of their respective work loads!  It left me with a distinct message, a clear and pure insight: …leading a life with positivity and energy — leading with light — is much easier when one is surrounded by people who inspire them to rise to be the best possible version of themselves.

What I found of particular interest to observe is how, despite each athlete being charged with their own tasks to complete, it was during the completion of those tasks that each fed the other the energy needed to keep going – to keep pushing further and deeper to the extents of which they were truly capable.

It reminded of a Vince Lombardi quote in respect to greatness …’perfection is not attainable but, if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence’ …and, it is in the individual pursuit of the perfect effort, that one will light up the darkness for another and leave a wake of inspiration thereby empowering another to do the same and so on.

So, when you find yourself in throws of a tough battle in a WOD — or whatever label you choose to describe your training evolution — focus on putting out the perfect effort within the moment, with whatever exercise you are currently fighting; it is the presence of visible struggle that empowers others in your wake!  Choose light!  Choose to lead with the efforts you put forth in the face of adversity …it’s there where your legacy lies — and, you don’t even realize it!


Eyes on the horizon, make ready …#captainyourship


Durability Training Evolution:

*15min mobility protocol & 10min core training evolution

BB Squat Clean x3
BB High Pull x6
Box Jump Over Burpee x12