1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

I was watching an episode of The Selection on History Channel titled Humility and one of the things that this episode spoke about was integrity.  It got me thinking about how deliberate we were in the set up of our gym and, subsequently, how that set up serves to inform our clients of how exactly they are to interact with their environment when they arrive to train.

Everything we do during a training evolution at Sailor Jacks has a purpose behind it and an associated standard to which these actions are to be executed.  Each detail: from where the equipment is located, to the structure of our programming, to the actual execution of specific exercises themselves all have an assigned value and, as a result, deep-meaning given the immediate stress of sufferable consequences.  Through ritual practice these values become internalized and embodied as a ‘modus operandi’.

Our standards reflect a key principle in our gym, a concept, that we refer to as: “Pushing the Envelope“.  The envelope serves as an analogy used to symbolize the four components of self: the Physical Self, the Psychological Self, the Emotional Self and the Spiritual Self.  These are what we, as Coaches, strive to stretch, strengthen and nurture through each training evolution.

*< Side bar :  The use of the word ‘evolution’ is a deliberate choice in respect to our language surrounding the training experience here – this shift in intention is unquestionably a significant contributor to the difference in atmosphere when contrasted to other facilities.  The objective is for you to leave each training event having achieved a feeling of empowerment – that feeling that comes resultant of knowing that you have, indeed, EVOLVED from enduring your experience.>*

On a given day, you may walk into the gym feeling at your physical, emotional and spiritual best.  To be of best service to you, on this particular day, we would centre our coaching efforts on nurturing the development of and resiliency in your psychological self. Little things such as: loading the bar with odd plates that you are not accustomed to seeing so that you can set a new Personal Record (PR) or using an ‘As Many Rounds As Possible‘ (AMRAP) format for durability or capacitance training to force you to have those dark battles with your internal monologue as the time wears down – you know, the one that tells you stupid sh*t like: quit, shave a rep, cut the range of motion down – no one will notice or rest longer – you’ve earned it.

The same is true of the other attributes associated with the corners of our envelope of self as well.  Which ever corner of that envelope that we, as coaches, can stretch, strengthen and nurture is what is to become the focus of the training evolution that day.  Far more important to us, than how heavy you can lift or, how many sets and reps you can push out, is the quality of your character – and, of direct consequence, the quality of your work.

Will you go the extra step needed when no one is watching you or there to hold you accountable?  Do you possess the personal integrity to do the task that is asked of you exactly as it is intended: to standard or better? Will you push to the very best of your ability in each and every moment of your 60 minute evolution?

– originally published on: 23/Jan/2017 @ 19:39h
– revised as of: 20/Sept/2019 @ 09:18h