How much is a Drop-In?

•  $50.00
-  Access to our [4:1] small group training classes | Must Follow Our Programming
+  Sailor Jacks T-Shirt

Week Overview:
Sunday      Monday         Tuesday          Wednesday        Thursday          Friday          Saturday
Closed       ME Lower      Crossfit           Accessories         Crossfit         ME Upper       Crossfit

•  $110.00/hr
-  Facility Rental | Do your own thing
+ we'll spot'cha, snap photos or shoot video for ya.
+ Sailor Jacks T-shirt

•  Wanna drop-in and just kick it?
+  All are welcome.
-  Contact Us for directions!

Where are you located? 

We're located in the Lower Mainland -- Cloverdale, Surrey.

If you have any further questions...

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