Are We The Right Fit For You? [continue reading to find out...]

Great question!  Before jumping in and just "showing up" at our gym there's some information that you should know about our community, coaches and how we choose to provide our services first that will help you determine if our community is the right fit for your Drop-In Training experience...

Below are some common FAQ's that we have answered for you in an effort to make sure you get the experience you are seeking.

How Much Is A Drop-In?

Elevator Pitch:  The cost of drop-in is: $50.00.  This cost covers: access to the facility, our strength & performance coaches in an intimate and highly engaging 4:1 athlete-to-coach setting and our community.  Therapeutic services, should they be required, are a separate cost.  More information can be found HERE.

We would strongly encourage you to take advantage of our therapeutic services while you are here for restorative and recovery work post-training - be it: hot and cold contrasting, acupuncture (in the future), massage, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, cupping, kinesiology taping or sport taping.

The cost also covers a Sailor Jacks T-shirt which will be mailed directly to your house to commemorate your experience!


Please take the time to fill out our Contact Form, in its entirety to help us better serve you and understand the drop-in experience you seek.

Where are you located?  What time are classes?  How do I access the facility?  Can I rent the facility?

Our hours of operation will be elaborated upon further should you reach out via the contact form provided.

Scheduling Personal Training sessions will be coordinated between you and the coach you work with.

Generally speaking, we are located in the Lower Mainland, somewhere in the general Surrey / Cloverdale Area.  We are intentionally ambiguous to avoid negatively affecting the training experience for our current clientele.  Again, if you have further questions, please use the Contact form provided in FULL.

Drop-In Access:
If you are in town visiting and would like to experience the atmosphere, training environment and a training evolution at Sailor Jacks, please know that you must satisfy any ONE (1) of the following criterion first:

-  minimum of 2 years of CrossFit experience.
-  familiarity with the Conjugate System, if you are a Powerlifter or Weightlifter.
-  a willingness to follow our training evolution on the day you visit.
-  previous participation in an individual or team sport.

Sunday      Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday      Friday            Saturday
Closed       ME Lower      WOD          DE Upper           WOD          ME Upper      DE Lower

Facility Rentals:
Please note that facility rentals are reserved exclusively for off hour periods.
• $121.60/hr
• $851.20/day
• $2,334.72/week
• $10,117.12/month
• $121,405.44/annum

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