Cupping therapy is a superficial modality used to help soothe and treat the fascial tissue of the body.  Fascial tissue is what encases the muscles and helps to hold them in place while simultaneously providing critical kinestheic and proprioceptive feedback to the brain about our body’s location in space and time in respect to our external environment.

As is the case with Tui Na, cupping also uses acupuncture meridians to provide relief from aches and pain in the body, restore dysfunctional tissue to full function, increase energy and expedite your return to normal activity.

*Please Note:  Cupping treatment at Sailor Jacks is different then most widely used methods of cupping available through other clinics.   Whereas other clinics will use air exhaustive cups to create suction we employ fire to evacuate the air from our cups.  The use of fire provides a more complete and even seal and, according to principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energy from the fire provides vital nutritive Qi (pronounced chee) – critical life force energies, to the body, thereby aiding in increasing the overall healing effect provided by the cups.