- Our COVID-19 Safety Plan (21-Nov-2020 | 04:37h):

Without question these are scary times.  The measures being undertaken to reduce and altogether eliminate the widespread transmission of the COVID-19 virus are truly unprecedented.  Can you believe that we have been dealing with — and continuing to find solutions to adapt and continue to operate during — this pandemic for over a year now!  As our government and top scientists continue on path toward the development of a viable vaccination it is up to each of us to continue to put forth our best efforts and do our part to help limit the risk of transmission of COVID-19. 

With that ethos in mind, before getting into the policies and procedures that we have implemented to protect both our gym patrons and clinical patients alike, we — the team of: Administrators, Performance Coaches and Clinicians at Sailor Jacks — would like you to know that during this time especially: 

  • We hold space for you.
  • We honour your individual journey toward better health and wellness practice
  • We are here to help you
  • We are here to support you
  • And, above all, we are here to be of service to you

To this end, out of respect for and in recognition of, the individual diversity of each of your respective health and wellness needs during this time, we have devised a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan with respect to the provision of our services in both the gym and clinic which are as follows:

  1. Scheduling:  For existing gym patrons: book into the calendar during time slots where the maximum four (4) patrons per hour slot is not exceeded.  For all new and current patients alike or potential new gym members the scheduling of your initial intake and subsequent treatments will be taken care of for you.
  2. Screening:  All patients and gym patrons alike, MUST complete a COVID-19 questionnaire (CLICK HERE) and agree to have their temperature checked prior to gaining admission to either the gym or clinic.  Further to this — to be unapologetically blunt — if you are experiencing any "mild" flu-like symptoms —  STAY HOME and reschedule your training or clinical appointment for a later date ...an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Per item #8 of our CODE OF CONDUCT we reserve the exclusive right to refuse service to any one for any reason at any time.
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  Once granted access to the clinic or gym, before starting either your training evolution or treatment, we ask that you sanitize your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with the hand sanitizer provided to further decrease the likelihood of the transmission of the virus — this is prior to the additional precautionary measure of dawning your mask.  When handling your mask — should it be necessary during the course of either training or treatment — please be sure to adjust fit and comfort by handling the straps of your mask solely.  We would also ask that you sanitize your hands again after each and every time you handle your mask throughout the duration of either your training evolution or treatment.
  4. Maintaining a distance of 2m:  While in the gym please stay within the assigned areas as this will ensure a minimum distance of 2m is maintained at all times.  Spotting will be at a minimum and only in circumstances where absolutely unavoidable.  In these instances both parties are encouraged to use the sanitizer provided.
  5. Facility and equipment cleaning and sanitization:  We have taken deliberate measures to increase our vigilance and frequency of practices around the general cleaning of the gym facility and equipment by extending the time between sessions to allow for thorough cleaning in addition to increased weekly "deep-cleaning" sessions.  In conjunction with these efforts, we would ask that you continue to do your part by wiping down your mats and equipment immediately after each use by using the spray bottles provided.In respect to the clinic: all linens are single use and machine washed on sanitization setting prior to being put back into circulation and used again.  The table itself is sanitized between patients and all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between patients as well.
  6. Virtual Training:  For those current gym patrons and potential new gym patrons who are not comfortable training in-person — at our facility — we do also offer in-home virtual training sessions through the WhatsApp platform.  Scheduling these sessions uses the same calendar platform as our in-live sessions.  To book-in for a virtual training evolution simply book your time as you would normally and add a (V) beside to indicate that you wish to train virtually that day.It is also worth noting that you can transition from in-person training to online training at your discretion without penalty.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or necessity for further clarity please do not hesitate to reach out to us HERE.