- Code of Conduct -

1)  Train, Do Not Workout.

There is a clear and visible difference between training and "working out".   Training speaks to the intent within your purpose.  It is moving toward a thing with a singular focus and razor sharp mindset; nothing exists within a training evolution, save the task at hand, whatever that task may be.  You are completely and utterly engrossed by what you are doing with all that you are and all that you have within you at that given moment.

Your actions and the effort that you put forth toward the achievement of your objective(s) speak at a greater volume than your words.  
You have the power to choose WHO it is EXACTLY that you want to become through what you choose do.


Use the resistance bands before lifting to push corners of your range of motion as well as the lacrosse ball, foam rollers and stick. Keep in mind however, that the biggest window that you have as an athlete to affect the suppleness of your soft tissue and make marketed improvements to chronically stuck and generally "fucked up", non-functional tissue is 3 hours, yes - 3 hours, AFTER your training evolution has concluded.

This means, at home, before going to bed, you should be spending 3 - 5 minutes of focused mobility work: foam rolling, flossing or compression wrapping and banded stretching on those chronic areas that we, the Strength Coaches, are consistently encouraging you to address in each training evolution.

The effort and emphasis you put into holistic health care practice outside of the gym does not stop there.  If, and when needed, we encourage you to include the services of: a Chiropractor, a Nutritionist or Registered Dietician, a Registered Massage Therapist, Psychologist, Sport Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Physiotherapist (Arnout Stams).  Essentially, whatever means you feel you need to support you in your journey toward becoming the best version of who it is you aspire to be, we are here to support you and, when needed, we can likely refer you to a competent practitioner in any of the aforementioned fields - if you would like.

3)  Treat #2 as if it were #1.

This should inform you as to how important and integral we feel mobility work and holistic health practices are in regard to your training and the attainment of your goals.

4)  If the lift is ballistic, drop it!

This note is directed more so toward our weightlifters and, on occasion, our deadlifters.  However, from an educational and safety standpoint we would like to elaborate. As an athlete you are at the greatest risk for injury during the eccentric phase of a lift - the lowering of the weight.  Suffice-to-say that, if you do not feel confident with a particular exercise or have pre-existing limitations, which can change on a daily basis, please notify the Strength Coach that you are working with immediately.

Giving the Coaches specific feedback pertinent to the strength or durability evolution you are scheduled to complete that day will provide us with an opportunity to teach you how to bail on a lift avoiding injury or, suggest an appropriate modification, be it a regression or progression, to adequately challenge you.

5)   Break Your Last PR!

This particular stipulation in our Code of Conduct brings us back to the top of this message:  "Train. Do Not Workout!"  Breaking PR's, personal records, is demonstrative of the continued action you take en route toward measurable and quantitative results - which is your objective.  Your attention, intention and energies should be solely focused on your training evolution.   

The warm-up protocol is in place to help you move your body, and more importantly your mind, from the demands and rigours of what goes on in your daily life to what you are about to do here, in Sailor Jack's Performance Centre.




Whatever you do while in the gym should directly contribute to hitting a PR that day, it's just that simple.  Any action to the contrary will not be tolerated. Believe us, having the self-discipline, self-respect and strength to shelf distraction and selfishly focus on your own training for 60 minutes a day does a lot more for you than simply strengthening your body. Through our philosophy of pushing the envelope each training evolution is designed to stretch you and challenge you to grow i) physiologically, ii) psychologically, iii) emotionally and iv) spiritually. Continued exposure to uncompromising training standards that force you to demand more from yourself will only serve you further in the gym and in life.  Do not hide from it.  Invite hard training, it makes you grow stronger physically and in character as a person.

6)  Replace Your Weights.

When we load or unload the bar for you, pick up a yoga mat or hand you a foam roller - it is a courtesy, not an obligation. It is YOUR responsibility to load, unload and replace the equipment when used. Have a sense of accountability toward the maintenance of our equipment.  Please insure that you are using a beach towel on the the benches and yoga mats and that you are wiping them down after each usage with the Lysol wipes provided.  Increased wear and tear only leads to increased costs for all.  Please bare this consideration in mind in regard to how you choose to handle or mishandle the equipment - this also extends to amenities provided in the washroom.

7)   Respect The Gym, Respect The Equipment.

To expand on this further: Please be properly attired: hair tie or head band, t-shirt or t-shirts if you perspire a lot, shorts, yoga pants, track pants, shoes, weight belt, gloves, knee sleeves or wraps, wrist wraps, wrist guards, a singlet, a mouthguard and a towel are all fundamental pieces of equipment that you are responsible for having with you to insure that you are adequately prepared for each training evolution.  If you are missing any of these pieces of equipment let us know and we can help gear you up and insure you are properly outfitted for the evolution in training that you are currently undertaking.

Personal belongings: please insure that your belongings are stored neatly in the designated area in a gym bag.  As we continue to grow in membership, we will adjust the area as we see fit.  Further to the storage of your belongings; please remove your belongings after every workout.  Overnight storage of belongings will not be permitted and any belongings left behind will be thrown out or repurposed at our sole discretion.

Outdoor Shoes: please insure that you carry an additional pair of shoes with you.  Outdoor shoes will not be permitted past the entry.  Barefoot lifting, for both hygienic and safety reasons, is not permissible.  In regard to this last point, as an alternative, if you prefer minimalist lifting, we encourage you to invest in a pair of Chuck Taylor's, Vibram 5's, Reebok Nano's, Nike Free, New Balance Minimus or Adidas AdiPure shoes.

Pseudo-Coaching | Peanut Gallery | & Wanna-be's:  Let the Strength & Performance Coaches coach.  ONE VOICE, ONE COACH.  In the spirit of community, encourage your fellow athletes with positive affirmation however, keep in mind the covenant that exists between our athletes and the coaches: your job as an athlete is to lift and it is our job as Coaches to provide constructive and concise feedback that will help improve your performance.  Keep your commentary, critiques and opinions of other athletes and their "form" to yourself as you may not have a complete picture of what is going on i.e. injury history, learning disability, or other factors that may impact physical performance.

The title of a Strength & Performance Coach, especially at Sailor Jacks, is one that is earned through education, continued pursuit of post-secondary accreditation and experience.  It is a position that we, as a Staff, hold in reverence.  With that in mind, anyone that earns this distinction is to be given your utmost respect. There are no exceptions to this stipulation within the Code.  Regardless of whether your name is on the Leader Board or not, whether you have entered into a Competitive Meet or not, no matter the content of the latest training blog, YouTube video or training article you read - absent the title of Strength & Performance Coach - you are to devote your energies to your own personal performance and the task of hitting new PR's in your own lifts.  PERIOD.

Kids:  We are completely kid friendly and welcome your little one's with open arms.  We have been really fortunate historically to have exceptional kids come hang out at Sailor Jack's Performance Centre while Mom or Dad train.  However, where behaviour is observed to be distracting, interferes with training evolutions or is generally found to be unsafe we would ask Mom or Dad to take a beat and tend to their little one out of the way of the rest of the class and return to their training when the situation is resolved.

Scheduling:  As a matter of fundamental consideration for the Strength and Performance Coaches as well as the rest of the community of athletes please give a minimum notice of 48 hours of booking for a training session and a minimum notice of 24 hours for cancellation of a training session. In circumstances where you are running late please, when possible and in accordance with scheduling procedures, bump to the next available 1/2 hour or hour time slot or seek to rebook for another day.  Do not come in late, this interrupts the flow of movement and energy in the facility.  Sessions will start promptly on the 30 minute and hour mark respectively.  Do not come in late. We can appreciate the spontaneity that life has inherent to it and emergency circumstances: Mother Nature, traffic, trains and such are all a part of this wonderful package however, time is one commodity that is non-refundable and as such, is priceless - so, to this end do not indiscriminately waste that of our Coaches and athletes in same scheduled training block as you.

8)  This is a Private Facility.  We, the Ownership and Management Team, reserve the sole right to revoke the privilege of membership at any time, for any reason - whether included in the aforementioned Code Of Conduct or otherwise, without written notification thereof or consent on behalf of the Member.

Your adherence to and compliance with the Code of Conduct simply ensures the best possible experience for everyone.  In that spirit, we thank you in advance for putting the effort into making our community at Sailor Jacks what it is. Remember, you set the tone for all those who follow.  What Sailor Jacks is to become falls entirely within the wake of the example you set through your actions.  Taking ownership over your actions is making the conscious decision to take ownership over what this brand stands for.

Respectfully; Yours In Health, Strength & Service,

Your Team of Strength & Performance Coaches at Sailor Jacks Performance Centre