Christopher Reed

Founder / Director Of Training

Christopher was first exposed to strength training at the age of 12.  His Grandfather, Jack, after whom the gym is named, would take him to the gym at 5am, before breakfast.  The training then was a classical bodybuilding style split-routine: Monday: Chest & Triceps, Wednesday: Back & Biceps and Friday: Legs & Shoulders.

Being a typical kid, Christopher ventured away from the gym and participated in the wide range of sports that most kids play growing up.  However, it wasn't until high school that Christopher really found his athletic footing competing in: basketball, football and martial arts.

In his senior year he was selected to the Toronto District Catholic Athletic Association Metro-West All Star Team as a linebacker.  It was then Christopher realized that football could provide him with an opportunity to attend University.  He dedicated himself to strength training in the off-season in order to realize his dream of attending university and playing football at the collegiate level - a decision which culminated in his winning the First Annual Footsteps Football Scholarship from future Canadian Football League (CFL) Hall of Famers: Duane Forde and Michael "Pinball"  Clemons.

It was during this pivotal final senior year in high school that Christopher met Mark Houlder - a former CFL linebacker and special teams stalwart who would become a positional coach, mentor and lifelong friend.  Mark was responsible for Christopher's introduction to the Olympic Lifts: the Snatch, the Clean and Jerk and all of their variations.  It was also while under the tutelage of Mark that Christopher started to really hone his skills and aptitude for programming eventually leading him into the Personal Training industry at the age of 17.

Since starting in the fitness industry over 2 decades ago, Christopher has continually sought out opportunities to further his education, knowledge and experience whether through attending University, having played for both: the Mount Allison Mounties and York University Lions [formerly Yeomen], competing in CFL combines and free agent evaluations or completing various post secondary accreditations (see below) - the most recent of which being his certification for Tui Na (chinese meridian massage), Gua Sha (scraping), Cupping and Moxibustion through the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Vancouver.

Christopher has now directed his continued vocational studies toward completing his distinction as a Registered Acupuncturist within the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturists of British Columbia.

Clients who have worked with Christopher in pursuit of their strength, athletic performance or lifestyle goals are quick to remark how noticeably different his approach to strength and performance coaching is, not to mention, the speed with which they see and achieve results!


Therapeutic Designations:

•  Sports Med BC - Athletic Taping
•  International College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Vancouver - Certified in Tui Na
(Chinese Meridian Massage) | Gua Sha (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) | Fire Cupping & Moxibustion

Strength & Performance Designations:

•  USA Weightlifting - Level I Sport Coach
•  National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Physical Preparation Specialist
•  International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation - Kettlebell Master Trainer - Canada
•  The Underground Strength Gym - Underground Strength Coach
•  Athletics & Wellness Inc. - Kettlebell Training Specialist Level II
•  Canadian Fitness Professionals - Pro-Trainer
•  National Coaching Certification Program - Level III, Football Coach
•  Professional Association of Diving Instructors - Open Water Diver
•  The Control Institute - Pressure Point Control Tactics Instructor

Athletic Accomplishments:
Rank II - Snatch: 24kg / 10 Minutes
598 total reps w/ 16kg - 1Hr Long Cycle Challenge, Kettlebells for Autism Charity Event (10/17/15)

451lbs | 313.5lbs | 445.5lbs [S•B•D] • 120kg+
Provincially Ranked, 120kg+ Men's Bench Only
Nationally Qualified, 120kg+ Men's Bench Only: 319lbs
Ranked 21st in 2017, British Columbia, 120kg+ Men's Bench Only

2012 Hamilton Tiger Cats Free Agent Camp - Participant (Long Snapping)
2011 Toronto Argonauts Free Agent Camp - Participant (Long Snapping)
2004 Calgary Stampeders Specialist Camp - Free Agent (Long Snapping)
2004 Canadian Football League Universite Laval Supplemental Draft - Participant (FB / LS)