Certified Massage Therapy

Meridian Massage, Tui Na (pronounced Twee Nah), is a treatment modality rooted in the rich 2000 year old history of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Tui Na is not performed for relaxation purposes but, rather, through the filter of Traditional Chinese Medical differentiation diagnostics, is used to help resolve acute and chronic underlying pathologies alike using acupuncture…

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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Gua Sha therapy (pronounced Gwah Shaw), in contrast to cupping, is a deep tissue modality used to help soothe aching, tired and “knotted” muscles – essentially dysfunctional tissues.  Gua Sha works by restoring regular blood flow, breaking up blood stasis and blood and Qi stagnation thereby returning the muscles to normative function.  As is the…

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